Dwayne Linde

Hi. I'm Dwayne Linde. This is my Applications Page!

I'm a Web Developer, who is interested in both Front-End and Back-End Development. I have 15 years of experience as a Software Test Engineer, and I think that that gives me a great insight into the development process, that other developers are missing. I am interested in either Full Time or Part Time work. I've also started writing web-based applications on my own, both to keep my programming skills up to date, and to make tools that I want to use on the web. Unless specifically noted, they're written in PHP.

Welcome to my Applications Page!

Apps Written in PHP:

1. On Sept 27th, 2017, our beloved Seattle Central College professor, Michael Daniel Sinkula, passed away. The Sinkula Family has graciously invited all of the Seattle Central College community to attend his memorial and celebration of life. Consequently, there was a need for a rideshare application, so that students could coordinate rides with each other, to and from the memorial. This app is written in PHP, with MySQL integration.

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/sinkula-rideboard

App here: Mike Sinkula Rideshare App

2. After eating out at restaurants for eons, I've discovered that I'm horrible at calculating the tip after the meal. There are various hacks that some people use, such as doubling the Sales Tax - but whilst that works in Washington State, where the Sales Tax is around 9%, what about in Oregon, where they don't have a Sales Tax? Or you're too lazy/drunk/burned out to figure out math on the fly, when the bill comes? I wrote a small app to calculate the tip. The user can select a percentage, put in the total, and it'll produce both the tip, and the total + the tip.

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/tip_calc_php

App here: Tip Calculator

3. This is an example of a tiny yet necessary app. I got prescribed a supplement that one has to take one hour before you can have caffeine. But, if you can't have caffeine, you're not necessarily going to remember to not have caffeine. Quite the dilemma! This tiny app tells you the current time, and then what that same time is an hour later. Problem solved!

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/pill-timer

App here: Time Calculator

Apps Written in JavaScript:

4. When the forest fires were bad in the Summer of 2017, I needed an Air Quality Index page that loaded quickly, and only had the AQI measurement nodes that I needed to access often - in this case, the cities of Seattle and Puyallup, WA. Written in JavaScript, utilizing the open APIs found on aqicn.org

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/aqisea

App here: Seattle Air Quality Index