Dwayne Linde

Hi. I'm Sara Dwayne Linde. Here is my biography!

In the late '90's, oh so long ago, I got my very first Software Test Engineer job. It was testing Windows NT - Terminal Services Edition. I found Test Engineering to be fascinating, and I also proved to be very, very good at it. In the past 15 years or so, I've tested everything from pharmeucitical robots to Flash ads on web pages.

In the past few years, more and more testing been automated using test harnasses and scripts, and there were fewer and fewer jobs for those who didn't know any programming. I decided to take this opportunity to drop out of the workforce, and gain some skills in Programming/Computer Science.

Of the different types of programming I've tried, I like back-end, with PHP and Java my favorite languages. I am constantly working on improving my skills in these areas, and would love to find a position where I can put these skills into play. I am also interested in Android programming, and will also soon be taking classes to learn that, along with some more Computer Science fundamentals.

I am particularly interested in geospatial/mapping software; part of that comes from an interest in Cartography, and part of that comes from numerous trips I;ve taken. I find the technologies present in geospatial, Augmented Reality games like Ingress and Pokemon Go to be fascinating, and I'd love to study more about this in the future and implement it into my work.