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Hi. I'm Sara Dwayne Linde. This is my Classes Page!

Winter 2015 Classes:


Spring 2016 Classes:

I also really, really like kittens.


JavaScript demonstration of the calendar flyout. This is part of a JavaScript project, where I had to write a functioning website tha included JavaScript. As a lover of tea, I wrote a Tea Shoppe - Lord Dwayne's Tea Shoppe. Here is a JavaScript module that I incorporated, that demonstrates the calendar flyout function. When you click on the blank for the Date Selection, the Calendar Flyout will pop up, and you can select a date using that. That automatically puts the date in the correct format, and prevents garbage data from being entered (like 'Feb 30, 2016' or 'Jim/Moginie/Rocks'.) I got motivated to include this after visiting numerous travel websites, and many of them implemented the exact same JavaScript plugin. I included this in my site to emulate the shipping functionality; a potential customer could order tea, and then select the date they wish for their tea to be shipped out on.

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/WEB150-FP

Site here: Lord Dwayne's Tea Shoppe


PHP maps project with Google Maps integration.

This was a project I made, where I explored the basics of PHP and how it can integrate with other web services. Here, I implemented some PHP code I found that displays Google Maps on a website, and then programatically puts 'pins' on the map. The area of the world I decided to concentrate on was Point Roberts, WA. You can also add a picture to each 'pin', that pops up when the mouse is hovered over the pin - I chose pictures that accurately represented the area; as I've been to Point Roberts before, I knew what to look for in that regard.

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/ITC240-PHP1-W16

Site here: Google Maps with PHP

PHP integration of a surveys app, with MySQL and BootStrap. For a client, I programmed a survey, had that survey submit answers to a MySQL database, store those answers in the database, and then display them on a separate screen that was coded in Bootstrap. The skills I learned here were: Database Design, SQL Query Writing and Forming, Incorporating the PHP into the HTML, and then incorporate that HTML into a Bootstrap shell, to make the results aesthetically pleasing. I found the MySQL Integration to be the most challenging part of the project, but ultimately the most rewarding; being able to see how the SQL and PHP interact together to deliver dynamic data to the website for display.

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/sp16-surveysez

Site here: PHP Survey Site with MySQL Integration

WordPress with PHP:

WordPress site, coded in PHP. My final portfolio piece is my WordPress Blog, completely built using HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress functions. This also included installing and a WordPress install on my domain, lindese.com. WordPress can be complex, but when all the pieces work togehter? It can be a really powerful website platform in terms of sheer customization options. One of the greatest things I learned from my WordPress class was how to integrate both PHP and WP togehter into a seamless website. The skills I learned here were: more Computer Science fundamentals (in terms of writing while loops and if-else loops), design concepts using CSS, and how to integrate WP functions into PHP.

Code here: https://github.com/se-linde/web170-wp-protosite

Site here: WordPress Site Coded in PHP