Dwayne Linde

Hi. I'm Dwayne Linde.

I'm a Web Developer, who is interested in both Front-End and Back-End Development. I have 15 years of experience as a Software Test Engineer, and I think that that gives me a great insight into the development process, that other developers are missing. I am interested in either Full Time or Part Time work.

Links to my resume, where you can see my experience. It's available in three different formats for your convenience:
Resume of Sara Dwayne Linde - PDF.
Resume of Sara Dwayne Linde - DOCX.
Resume of Sara Dwayne Linde - TXT.

A link to my LinkedIn, where you can see my experience and profile: LinkedIn for Dwayne Linde.

A link to my Github Profile, where you can see my code: https://github.com/se-linde.

A link to my Developer's Blog, where you can read about my ideas and experiments: https://hailzorp.wordpress.com/ This is my old blog; I'll be continuing it here and migrating old entries over: http://linde-sec.blogspot.com/. Hail Zorp is now retired.

Kitten not included.

A kitten, mewling wistfully whilst you code.
Labeled for reuse.

I also really, really like kittens.